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kurta project This project aims at the employment of the rural women in this area, as well as to generate economic resources for Sarpi's own activities.

The KURTA project ("kurta" means "Indian blouse" in hindi) is directed to the marginalized women living in and around Honavar. Most of them are housewives with no fixed income because of the poverty and lack of employment opportunities.

kurta project This project aims to give employment to this women so as to make them economically self reliant, at the same time empowering them to take up their rightful place in society.

A group of 20 women were initially trained for the quality stitching of kurtas and they had demonstrated aptitude and skill for this task. The project is in the process of training 40 more women to increase the number of beneficiaries.

Among the objectives of the project are the following :
  • To provide skillful training in order to form and capacitate individuals to become self-reliant and active agents of social development.
  • To train unskilled women to learn basic skills of stitching for making kurtas, children's clothings, bags, purses, etc.
  • To capacitate women to increase their income for economic independence and sustainability.
  • To generate income for SARPI in order to support its other components of the project.
kurta project The team of the project expects to introduce new collection of designs and products in the next months. The kurtas are already being sold in India and abroad with a great demand. The customers appreciate the quality of the product as well as the cotton and silk materials, the colors, designs and style.

The women participating in the program will also have exposure programs to know different organizations working in the same field. They would be provided access and venues for sustainable development, in-service training, on-going formation and updating of new skills, apart of networking with different organizations, NGO's, companies and business people involved in the textile field.

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SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India Kurta Project

SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India

SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India

SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India
Donations can be made in the name of : SARPI (Honavar)