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Pedro Poveda Special School was started in 1986. It was SARPI's response to meet the need of a particular sector of society A School to serve the needs of the mentally challenged children and slow learners through Special Education and pre-vocational training. Pedro Poveda Special School aims at serving the needs of those who are living in the rural areas.

It aims at the total and holistic development of mentally challenged children. It is specially designed to meet the needs of children ranging from 5 to 18 years, for special education and vocational training while at the same time promoting their full integration to their respective communities. For this end the school provides daily transport to the children through a school bus.

The school integrates parents guardians and caregivers on-going formation and information on the needs of mentally challenged children and their parent's role in meeting these needs. This is done through regular encounters and meetings organized by the school and through home visitation.

The management of the school provides venues for feed backing from parents. These serve as means for gathering data for its decision making with respect to the progress and the development of the project.

The one of specific features of the school is the personalized follow up of each child, from the moment they are accepted in school. This is done through close collaboration with the parents and caregivers of the children.

Another feature is the effort geared towards the integration of the children in their respective contexts and communities. Lastly the school pays special attention to the pre-vocational training of the children to prepare them to take up jobs when they leave the schools
  • Special school and Pre-vocational training for mentally challenged children Daily sessions from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, from Monday to Friday. The learning domains includes:
    • Gross and fine motor skills
    • Activities for daily living
    • Language and Communication - receptive, expressive reading and writing
    • Numbers, Time and Money
    • Social and domestic
    • Creative expression and music
    • Prevocational skills
  • Ongoing formation of parents, guardian and caregivers of mentally challenged children Encounters / meetings organized on themes that would help parents, guardians and caregivers provide a supportive and educative role towards independence of differently abled children.
  • Visit and follow - up with the families of the children.
  • Raising community awareness on their role towards the social integration of mentally challenged children.

The school opened as a residential school in 1986. It continued to be residential until 1997. The school year 1997 - 1998 was a transition year. It ceased to be residential and moved towards community Based programme. From 1998 till today the school function as a day School. Now at present there are 32 children with a Principal and 10 staff.

SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India

SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India

SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India

SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India
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