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CSM aims at reducing poverty through providing educational opportunities and self managed development processes, and to enable the women and children to participate in the development process

Objectives of the CSM.
  • To strengthen sustainable community based programmes with the participation of communities towards social change
  • To provide good foundation and quality education for holistic development.
  • To enable the young girls to become self- reliant and effective citizens.
  • To capacitate the women to become aware of their dignity and move towards sustainable development.
The CSM activities conducted in the 22 villages are :
  • Running Balwadis (Kindergarten) 18 Balwadis with 327 children
  • Home visits
  • Stitching and woollen training 8 groups with 49 women
  • Tutorials in 12 villages with 252 children
  • Micro- finance 30 groups with 175 members
  • Coir 5 groups with 25 women
  • Adult education 2 groups with7 women
  • Children club 3 groups with 207 children
  • Self Help Groups (SHG) 30 groups with 730 women
  • Children health Army from 8 Schools with 200 Children

SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India

SARPI Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India
Donations can be made in the name of : SARPI (Honavar)